Himalayan salt lamp Light Bulb size guide

The size of the bulb when replacing your Himalayan Salt lamp bulb depends on the weight of the Salt lamp. For lamps up to 10 lbs. the recommended size of the bulb is 15 watts, for 10-20 lbs. lamps, use a 25 watt bulb and for lamps weighing more than 20 lbs, 40-60 watt bulbs are suitable.

Here are some recommended bulbs for Salt Lamps.

Lamp WeightBulb SizeProducts
Up to 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)15 wattUnilamp
10 – 20 lbs. (4.5-9 kg)25 wattUnilamp
20 – 40 lbs. (9-18 kg)40 wattHimalayan Glow
40 lbs. and more (18 kg+)60 wattEdison Light

Other Specifications for the bulbs

  • Base Size – E12 (also known as Candelabra base)
  • Bulb Size – C7
  • Bulb Type – Incandescent (Don’t use LED, Halogen

Bulb Type for Himalayan Salt Lamps

The bulb should emit sufficient heat for the salt lamp to work therefore an Incandescent bulb is the one recommended. Regular LED lights doesn’t emit much heat and shouldn’t be used or your lamp will start to leak water. You can use LED lamps specifically made for salt lamps instead.

The standard socket size used by salt lamps in the US is E12 or the Candelabra base. So make sure that your bulb is also having an E12 base to fit properly with the socket of the salt lamp.

The bulb size is C7 which are used for decorative purposes. C7 bulbs are 1.5 inches tall and have a diameter of 1 inch.

How to replace Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulbs

1. Remove the base from the Lamp

First unplug he salt lamp and keep it on a soft towel or a blanket.

Some salt lamps come with a detachable base and some will allow you to remove the bulb with the socket from base.

Place the lamp to it’s side so you can see the base of the lamp.

Try to remove the base by rotating it. Is you can’t remove the base, you should be able to remove the bulb with the socket from the base.

2. Remove the old bulb

Turn the old bulb anti-clockwise to remove it from the socket.

3. Install the new bulb

Take the new bulb and fix it to the socket by rotating it clockwise. Check whether the bulb is working by switching it on before fixing the base back into the crystal.

4. Fix the base back into the salt crystal

After making sure the bulb is functioning, fix the base back into the lamp and you’re done.

Where to Buy Salt Lamp Bulbs

Choosing the right bulb for your Himalayan salt lamp can be overwhelming if you’ve never done it before, especially if you don’t know where to start. This guide will show you how to choose the perfect bulb based on the size of your lamp and how much light you’ll need, among other things.

The most important thing to remember is that incandescent bulbs are always the best option due to their warm glow, which won’t overwhelm your home or office but will do wonders for its atmosphere instead!

15 watt bulbs for salt lamps

15 watt bulbs are suitable for salt lamps that weigh less than 10 lbs (4.5 kg)

Unilamp 15W bulbs are my recommendation. They have a good build quality, not expensive and the base is lead-free. I’ve been using them for 5 months on 3 separate salt lamps and haven’t had an issue so far.

The bulbs come in a pack of 6 and weighs 1.28 oz (36g) each.

25 watt bulbs for salt lamps

25 watt bulbs are suitable for salt lamps that weigh between 10-20 lbs (4.5-9 kg).

Unilamp 25W bulbs are recommended if you have a mid size (10-20 lbs.) salt lamp. These 25W bulbs weigh a bit more than the 15W bulbs (1.58 oz)

40 watt bulbs for salt lamps

40 watt bulbs are suitable for salt lamps that weigh between 20-40 lbs (9-18 kg).

Himalayan Glow 40W bulbs are suitable if you have a large Salt Lamp. As these are designed for large lamps they have a height of 2.75 inches. So make sure the bulb can fit inside your salt lamp before ordering them.

Why my Salt lamp bulb keep blowing?

Unlike their modern counterparts, incandescent bulbs are more prone to blowing. There are the commonest causes why your salt lamp bulb keep blowing.

  • If you move your lamp often, the bulb is more likely to pop.
  • Bulb touching the inner surface of the salt crystal.
  • Lamp is kept close to the TV or Radio that produces vibration in the form of sound.
  • Salt lamp is kept in a high humidity room like the kitchen or laundry room

How to expand the life of your salt lamp bulb?

In general an incandescent bulb should last about 1000 hours (41 days). By following these measures you can prolong the life of your light bulb.

  • Wait for the lamp to cool after switching it off before moving from one place to another
  • Keep away from TVs, Radios and other vibrating equipment
  • Don’t keep inside the kitchen or laundry room
  • Use a tissue when handling the bulb as oil in your hand can cause it to pop

Why a good bulb is needed for salt lamps to function properly?

Salt lamps work by attracting moisture from room air. This moisture has both water molecules and pollutants. Pollutants get adhered to the salt and water molecules are gets evaporated back into the room as negative ions.

The energy for this evaporation comes from the heat emitted by the bulb in the salt lamp. So the bulb is essential for the proper functioning of the lamp.

It’s no secret that the world could use more peacefulness. People are constantly stressed out, rushing from place to place, and always feel like something’s missing in their lives. It’s an epidemic, really, and it affects every aspect of people’s health and well-being, from their mental clarity to their skin to their bodies.

Luckily, the Himalayan salt lamp can help you reverse all those negative effects by creating a peaceful atmosphere in your home or work office where you spend the most time in each day.

What happens if you use a low watt bulb?

A low watt bulb won’t produce enough heat required for the salt lamp and the evaporation of water molecules will get affected. This excess water will start to leak from the surface of the lamp (often known as “crying” of the lamp) leading to the corrosion of the base. If your lamp is leaking water, it may be due to the low wattage of the lamp.

A properly functioning salt lamp will be warm to touch. Is your salt lamp is damp to touch, it’s another indicator that the wattage of the bulb may not be sufficient.

Himalayan salt lamps, or lamp made from salt crystal, offers many benefits that can improve your quality of life. These lamps use the natural properties of salt to create negative ions that purify the air and eliminate pollutants and allergens while they provide an ambient glow in any room in your home or office.

The naturally beautiful shape of these lamps makes them perfect decorative pieces as well, no matter where you keep them, whether it’s on your desk at work or in the corner of your living room next to your couch.

FAQs on Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulbs

What is the average lifetime of an incandescent bulb used in salt lamps?

The average lifetime of an incandescent bulb is 1000 hours or 41 days. So if you keep the lamp on at all times, you’ll have to change the bulb every one and half to two months.

Can you use LED bulbs in salt lamps?

A Himalayan salt lamp needs good amount of heat to work. Regular LED lamps fail to provide this and you’ll see the lamp will start to leak water if you use a regular LED lamp as the light source. There are LED lamps specifically made for Himalayan salt lamps and you might want to use one of these.

Can you use Halogen bulbs in salt lamps?

Halogen lamps are a very good source of heat but they produce too much heat inside the closed compartment of the salt lamp and can damage the lamp and also brings the risk of fire. So Halogen lamps are not suitable to use in salt lamps.