What are the scientific benefits of Negative Ions?

What are negative ions?

A negative ion is an atom or a molecule that has accepted electrons to become negatively charged.

All the matter (water, soil, trees, and animals) is made up of tiny particles called atoms. These atoms group together to form molecules

For example, salt is made up of molecules called “Sodium Chloride” (NaCl). An atom of Sodium (Na) joins with an atom of Chlorine (Cl) to form the NaCl molecule.

Another example is “Oxygen“, the air we breathe in. Here two atoms of Oxygen (O) combine together to form an Oxygen molecule (O₂). When this oxygen molecule accepts an electron from outside it becomes negatively charged. This is called an oxygen ion (O₂⁻)

Where negative ions can be found?

Negative ions naturally can be found in the sea, forests, rivers, and waterfalls.

The purity of the sea breeze, of the air after the rain, in the forest next to a waterfall, these wonderful sensations are not only because they are pleasant to us, but also because they are producing negative ions naturally and these negative ions have a soothing effect on humans.

In nature, negative ions are formed when air and water molecules are split by the UV rays of the sun and the friction created by the moving of air and water. Because of them, the air near waterfalls, sea, and forests is of great purity, and breathing this air is very pleasant to your lungs. That’s why they are recognized as the purest air sources on the planet.

Benefits of Negative ions

That wonderful feeling of inhaling pure air rich with negative ions, in fact, translates into endless health benefits. From the psychological well-being that we achieve to many other positive health effects, together help to greatly improve the quality of life.

  1. Negative ions help proper cellular functioning. By stimulating our cells, negative ions facilitate oxygenation, hydration, detoxification, and biological regeneration of the body. 
  2. If we live in an environment rich in negative ions, our respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems will work much better, and we will also be able to eliminate stress and anxiety more easily.
  3. In addition to the above, positive effects have been found on sexual activity, stimulating it and favoring the fertility of couples, as well as improving metabolism and strengthening the immune system.
  4. Natural pain reliever: all ailments or discomforts are reduced when people come into contact with negative ions. It is very common for a headache to go away just by walking calmly along the seashore
  5. Negative ions reduce the feeling of fatigue and stress.
  6. Negative ions help people fall asleep faster.

An ionized environment increases reflexes, facilitates falling asleep, regulates blood pressure, clears the mind, minimizes allergies, and even has a natural analgesic effect, accompanied by a feeling of general well-being typical of breathing fresh and healthy air, Almost as if we were in the middle of nature.

Thanks to negative ions, you can achieve a sanitized environment, free of pollution and bad odors, which improves well-being in a home environment and also increases work performance.

The health benefits of negative ions are well studied, and the results are tremendously positive. Still, scientific studies are not the only reason we know of its beneficial power. You can experience them by yourself.

What are positive ions?

Positive ions are generated when an atom or a molecule loses electrons and become positively charged.

Positive ions are found naturally in places full of pollution and are also generated by electric equipment we use such as TVs, fans, copy machines, air conditioners, and devices that generate electromagnetic radiation.

Although they exist naturally in the atmosphere, positive ions are often produced as a result of pollution and high temperatures, which can in turn negatively impact your health by weakening your immune system, leading to stress low mood and irritability, migraines, and can form blood clots.

It’s important to limit your exposure to pollutants and positive as much as possible so you can have a better quality of life without their adverse effects.

FAQs on Negative Ions

Are negative ions safe?

Yes, negative ions are safe to the human body and have multiple health benefits like improving mood, and sleep, and reduce allergies and asthma symptoms.

Can negative ions hurt you?

No. Negative ions are not known to be harmful. However, some low-quality air ionizers can produce Ozone. So it’s important you choose a good quality one and you are safe.

Ozone has many beneficial effects on the Earth’s climate, but its negative impacts on the human body are well-documented and should not be overlooked. Ozone is especially dangerous to individuals with respiratory problems like asthma or emphysema, and according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it can be detrimental to healthy people as well. 

How to generate negative ions?

Negative ions are generated when an atom or a molecule accepts an electron from outside.

They are generated naturally by the action of UV rays in sun and from friction when flowing water.

At home, you can generate them using a Himalayan salt lamp or using a negative ionizer. The heat produced by the bulb of the salt lamp provides the energy to produce negative ions.

Does running water create negative ions?

Yes, running water creates friction between water molecules and this effect can be seen especially in waterfalls and rivers.

Does a shower create negative ions?

Yes. The friction between water molecules creates negative ions in a shower and that’s a reason why you feel rejuvenized after taking a shower.

Do negative ions help you sleep?

Yes. studies have found negative ions help you to fall asleep faster and increase the time of slow-wave sleep and improve the overall quality of sleep. (source)

Everyone knows that getting enough sleep is crucial to optimal health and energy levels, but if you’re not getting the quality of sleep you need, it can affect everything from your physical health to your mental state. What many people don’t know, however, is that negative ions — i.e., ions with an excess of electrons — can help fight the effects of positive ions (i.e., ions with an excess of positive charges) and the pollutants they carry in your bedroom and improve the quality of your sleep tremendously!

How long do negative ions last?

The lifetime of negative ions depends on individual ions and the negative ions generated in air from oxygen molecules last for about 60 seconds. (source)

Are humans positively or negatively charged?

Humans are positively charged

Negative ions and cancer

Cancer rates have been increasing steadily over the past few decades, and scientists don’t yet know why. One of the leading theories, however, is that poor air quality might be playing a role. Air pollution has been linked to higher incidences of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

Negative ions are scientifically proven to enhance the activity of natural cells found in our body that fights cancer. Therefore negative ions can significantly reduce the incidence of cancer in humans. (Source)


Negative ions are commonly found in nature, and they’re a big part of the reason that nature is so great. Negative ions have been scientifically proven to improve people’s moods and energy levels, making them more positive and energetic, which can significantly improve people’s lives.